4 Week E-mail Devotional Based On "Lies Girls Believe" by Dannah Gresh

"Lies Stock Show Girls Believe"

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What To Expect

This mini course is designed to address some of the more common challenges young girls face on the show circuit, like body image, peer pressure, relationships and more. It is based on the book "Lies Girls Believe" by Dannah Gresh and we encourage you to purchase that book. We realize a lot of girls these ages may not have email, so the emails can be received by their moms and then discussed / shared with daughters. By signing up, you will receive a welcome email and 4 weekly emails following along with the book.


Discuss issues like body image, comparison, and more.


Get emails about situations that specifically relate to stock show challenges.


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Rachel Cutrer

Rachel is a proud stock show mom and ranch wife who grew up showing and struggled with a lot of the challenges mentioned in this book. Without God's grace and the support of her friends, she wouldn't have made it through the bad decisions and troubled times she faced in the past. So, she created Stock Show Sisters as a way to connect other women and girls in the cattle business to make a support network to help inspire and support each other in our daily lives.

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